Podcasting and iPods

In 2006–2007, the Studio supported the work of three faculty members who received iPod grants for four courses. A fifth course integrated podcasting-based tasks without using iPods in the course. In spring 2008, two more faculty members received iPod grants for two courses, French at Work and Spanish in the Community. German Culture and Civilization used iPods in 2009.

In addition, several faculty members have integrated the production of podcasts and enhanced podcasts into their courses; others have arranged for students to use iPods and microphones to document their study abroad experiences in Italy and Jordan.

The Studio supports all these efforts by consulting with the faculty involved as they plan their technology use, conducting workshops for students in the classes, hiring and training student technology fellows to assist students and faculty as they work, and working with faculty to assess the outcomes of these projects. For more information about these projects, contact us.