Equipment Request Form

The Global Studio has equipment items that can be lent for use in classrooms and for course-related projects. Faculty requests are granted on a first come, first served basis. You can submit requests for equipment at the Global Studio booking website on LibCal. Faculty requests take priority over student requests. Please be as specific as possible about your needs.

If you require any special requests for full-class events, please submit your information at the online form below. Your equipment is not reserved until you have received an e-mail confirmation from Michael Marsh-Soloway.

First Name:

Last Name:


What equipment do you need? Please be as specific as possible, e.g., Windows laptop and projector and Internet connection.

What date(s) do you need this equipment?

What time(s) do you need this equipment?

Where will you use the equipment?

Do you need the Studio assistant to set up the equipment for you? Yes No

Will you pick up the equipment in the Studio? Yes No

Do you need instructions on using the equipment? Yes No

Please add any additional information here. For example, telling us briefly how you will use the equipment may help us determine if you need anything you have not listed. We may also need to send you special instructions with your confirmation