Within the Global Studio, computer workstations provide facilities for:

  • Multilingual word processing
  • Computer-based conferencing, e.g., Skype
  • Audio listening and recording
  • Video digitizing and editing
  • Scanning
  • Web development and maintenance
  • Multimedia production

Seven two-person video-viewing stations allow learners to:

  • Watch World TV
  • Watch DVDs from any region
  • Watch NTSC videotapes

The Screening Room offers 12–16 people a small-theater environment in which to watch TV, DVDs, videotapes, and videodiscs from around the world. Faculty members may reserve the computer workstations for their classes. Both students and faculty may reserve the screening room.

The Global Studio also has a supply of portable equipment that can be borrowed for course-related projects, including a selection of Flip video cameras. All Puryear classrooms are equipped with equipment for computer-based presentations; however, if additional equipment is needed, students should ask their professor to reserve it.