Request a Recording

The Global Studio will record a World TV broadcast for classroom use upon the request of a faculty member.

Recording should be requested at least 48 hours before the program airs; recording of a weekend program must be requested before Friday at 4 p.m.

Except for SCOLA, which can be routinely taped, edited, and archived, recordings are subject to the following conditions:

  • Each program must be requested individually; the Studio cannot routinely record broadcast television programs.
  • You must use the program within 10 days of the recording.
  • You may not keep the program more than 45 days.

These conditions are a simplified version of the "fair use" guidelines for the recording and use of broadcast television in education. If you have questions about their application to our situation or anything else about the use of world television in the classroom, please contact us.

Your taping has not been scheduled unless you have received an e-mail confirmation from Michael Marsh-Soloway or a designated Student Technology Fellow.

Video Recording Request Form

First Name:

Last Name:


Status: Faculty Student Staff

Department: LALIS LLC Other

Which network do you want to tape?


If you selected "Other", please specify the network and the channel number on the satellite.

Network name: Network channel number:

Is this a DISH Latino channel? Yes No

What is the name of program to be recorded?
Please be as specific as possible.

What date is the broadcast?
Please be specify month, day, and year.

What time does the broadcast begin?
Please specify A.M. or P.M. or use the 24-hour clock.

What time does the broadcast end?
Please specify A.M. or P.M. or use the 24-hour clock.

Is this Eastern time? Yes Don't Know
Note: SCOLA lists its schedule in central time. Make sure you verify the time zone if you use the DISHnet schedules.

For which class/course will you use the broadcast? Please explain briefly how you intend to use the broadcast, e.g., in class for language/culture or student assignment in the Global Studio. (This information is needed to stay within "fair use" guidelines.)

Please add any additional information here. For example, tell us if we need to keep a SCOLA broadcast on reserve for your students or if the recording should be put into your mailbox. If you need to use the program on a specific date, please give us that date. We may also need to send you special instructions with your confirmation.