World Television

Television programs from around the world provide a number of benefits to the University of Richmond community.

  • They provide different perspectives on the world
  • They encourage community members to use languages other than English for entertainment and personal enrichment
  • They encourage community members to use language other than English to gather information
  • They provide new resources for courses in a number of disciplines: languages, cultural studies, film, journalism, political science, etc.

The University's cable network, with funding from Boatwright Library's Media Resource Center, provides access to SCOLA's Channel 1 (international news), HITN (Hispanic Television), and Deutsche Welle throughout the campus. This programming is found on channels 13–15.

The Global Studio has partnered with Telecommunications and Media Services to offer a wide selection of international television programming on channels 7 - 11. Because of licensing restrictions, this additional programming is available only in academic buildings on campus. The programming delivered on channels 7 - 11 will vary according to academic needs. However, the usual broadcast schedule will be:

  • Channel 7: TV5 Monde (French)
  • Channel 8: RAI International (Italian) / Russian
  • Channel 9: TVJapan (Japanese) / Chinese
  • Channel 10: Arabic / Israeli/ and course requests
  • Channel 11: Spanish

Although only five channels of world TV are distributed through the cable system, the university if licensed to receive approximately forty different channels:

Faculty and students may request that a specific channel be broadcast on a specific day; faculty may also request that a program be recorded for classroom use. Please note that the use of television programming is governed by copyright law. All requests for recording must conform to the "fair use" guidelines for the use of broadcast television.