Language learners around the world create portfolios to document their achievements, reflect upon their intercultural experiences, and set goals for the future. The European Union supports the European Language Portfolio not only to help its citizens meet their individual goals but also to promote the multilingual competencies needed for work in the EU. The ELP serves as a model for the LinguaFolio Initiative in the US, of which LinguaFolio Virginia was an important part.

Students at all levels of language learning can benefit from assembling a portfolio. By collecting samples of speech at regular intervals, students can hear that they are making progress and note areas for improvement. Reflecting upon a study abroad experience is an opportunity to develop intercultual competence. And, of course, portfolios document language competence for potential employers.

The Global Studio is ready to help all members of the University community create web-based electronic portfolios using customizable templates. Web-based portfolios have three advantages: (1) learners can link to artifacts from multiple places in the portfolio, (2) learners can demonstrate that they have learned some basic technology skills, and (3) learners can save a portfolio to CD and put any or all of it on a different website after leaving the University. To get started, contact us.