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Second-Language Placement Test Request Form

Starting in July 2020, students will be welcome to complete second-language placement tests online for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Complete the form below to request access instructions that will then be provided email. You may request multiple tests, but remember to allow sufficient time. Each test normally takes 20-30 minutes to complete, you should allow an hour for each test in your schedule. 

During the assessment(s), you will be acting on your honor, and you should avoid referring to any external materials. Please note that the test will log a record of your interaction with the exam. 

If you receive a score that corresponds to 300-level second-language coursework, you will be required to schedule a follow-up consultation with the primary director or coordinator of that program to confirm your abilities and placement. 

NOTE: Students with qualifying AP, SAT II, IB Credit may already be exempt from testing. Please refer to the 2020 Credit by Exam Policy published by the Registrar's Office for details.  


Your test is not scheduled until you receive an e-mail instructions from Dr. Michael Marsh-Soloway, June Wise, or Michele Mauney. 



Which test(s) do you need to take?


What is the best day to schedule the test?  

List your three preferred times for your best day:

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